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Renter Woes

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"I'm getting Google people and they're making money," Abigail Glynn, a broker with David Realty Co., said. "We're getting the second wave of the dot-com kids." According to new data gathered by Novato-based RealFacts, the occupancy rate in San Francisco rose 6 percent between 2010 and 2011 and the average cost of all rentals went up from $2,214 to $2,422. Pair that with the increase of property owners opting to turn their available units into vacation rentals instead of seeking long-term tenants, and we have a problem. "If we like a place, we are going to bid $100 up," said Allyse Heartwell. "It's like they should start putting these places on eBay." [SF Examiner/photo via potential past]