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Not Exactly Peanuts: Celebrity Sonoma Farmhouse for Under $3 Million

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This 6-bed, 8.5-bath house in Sonoma County is the former home of none other than Charles Shultz, creator of Peanuts. It's listed for $2,275,000, and is positively gigantic at 7,894 square feet. According to the listing you can purchase the furnishings (minus the art) as well, if you're feeling lazy or if you're making your first upgrade from this gem. Curbed National has the pictures of Peanuts art, as well as some swell photos of the pool and a chapel-turned-TV room. We think the wrap-around porch is enough to make any rocking-chair aficionado swoon, and the checkered thing going on everywhere in the kitchen is rather, well, kitschy, but it could grow on us. Maybe. We're also digging the exposed beams to give this "farmhouse" its light, airy feeling. It's all pretty perfect for uncorking a bottle of Sonoma's finest and getting your relax on.
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