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Duboce Triangle Manse Would Like a Buyer

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There's a house-like condo for sale on a tree-lined block in Duboce Triangle. It's a 3-bed, 2.5-bath, 1,240-square-foot abode at 76 Castro. Asking price? $739,000, or $596 per square foot. Those numbers put it below the neighborhood averages. Not bad, eh? There's a formal living room and a parlor, so you get to say things to your guests like "let's retire to the parlor for a nightcap after we finish this episode of Law & Order in the living room." While we like everything about this condo, the cherry on top is the shared backyard. We're dazzled by everything we see, and would sincerely love to spend a sunny afternoon drinking coffee and reading the paper there. Monthly HOA dues are unlisted (for what it's worth: there's only two units in the building) and it doesn't look like parking is included.
· 76 Castro [Redfin]