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Only $3,000 Off For Central Richmond Condo

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Was: $950,000
Then: $909,000
Then: $882,000
Now: $879,000 Yesterday we asked you, the readers, to guess the latest price of this 3-bed, 2-bath, 2,310-square-foot top floor PriceChopper in the Central Richmond. Guesses were aplenty, and those of you who admitted you cheated are not going to be counted. With that in mind, bluntcard is our winner with a guess of $849,000. The latest chop is only a $3,000 difference, and commenter Ninong had these words to say: "This latest cut is ridiculous. They may as well have left the price the same. Anyway, they're down more than 20% of what they paid for it just last year. That's gonna leave a mark." We concur.
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