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Fancy Estate On the Market

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Update: This was not Tony Bennett's house; Trulia misidentified it and, in turn, set off a you-know-whatstorm on real estate sites near and far. Still, though, we think it's very, very cool. Hopefully Mr. Bennett will have a chuckle about the mishap. Now we know how Tony Bennett knew he left his heart in San Francisco - he could spot it across the bay from his fancy pants home in Belvedere. Designed by Bay Area favorite Warren Callister, the 9,500 square foot beauty is on the market for a cool $27,500,000. For your pocket change, you're rewarded with views of the bay -- all of it -- from bridge to bridge and everything in between and beyond. You can be joined by hoards of your favorite people, who can relax in your 5 bedrooms or freshen up in your 7 bathrooms (4 full and 3 half, but who is counting?). There's also a separate 1-bed, 1-bath "guest quarters" for your friends prone to walking to the refrigerator naked in the middle of the night. Problem solved: give them their own apartment. We are still trying to determine if Tony has water access, because what is the point of being on the water if you can't get a little WaveRunner on, right? Have a garden party on one of the 3 "lawn areas" and invite us over when you do, pretty please.
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