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USF Spends $36.5M on a Very Grande Latte

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[Photo Credit: Access Communications]

The University of San Francisco announced today that they've purchased 101 Howard Street, the former Folger Coffee Company headquarters and warehouse for $36,500,000. Built in 1905 on landfill, the building (barely) survived the 1906 earthquake and currently houses the Wharton School of Business' San Francisco campus, which is decamping shortly to a larger cup at Hills Plaza a few blocks away. There's a history of the site, with vintage maps and images, courtesy of one of the building's admiring tenants. USF was founded by Jesuits as Saint Ignatius Academy in 1855 on Market Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets, became Saint Ignatius College as it moved west and finally became the University of San Francisco in 1927 at the current location on Fulton Street in the Lone Mountain neighborhood. Presumably the new site will make USF's programs more attractive to students already working in the neighborhood, plus there's easy access to BART and the Transbay Terminal.
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