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Very Fancy Pacific Heights Penthouse Hacks More Than a Quarter Million Off

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Was: $5,250,000
Now: $4,900,000
You Save: $350,000 Oh dear. The penthouse atop 1800 Gough has just taken a significant price chop: $350,000. This 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 5,209-square-foot, two-story penthouse is a prime piece of real estate tail. The building was designed by San Francisco favorite Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer and was built in 1923. It's a co-op, so bust out grandma's pearls and put on something nice; the board is not going to approve your application to write them a check for millions of dollars if you don't look the part. The penthouse has everything you could ever ask for, including an au pair room (that's currently being used as a work-out room). Oh, and there's monthly HOA dues of $1,900 but who cares, right? You're about to spend close to five million bucks on an apartment. Dear readers, will this beauty finally sell? Or should we expect another chop?
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