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Yuba County Not Thrilled To House Our Trash

Last Thursday, a coalition of Yuba County residents sued San Francisco. The reason? They don't want our trash dumped in their backyard, reports SFGate. The Board of Supes approved a contract that, starting in 2015, will truck our trash to Oakland, where it'll board a train and go on a 130-mile journey to Yuba County. "Well, we say, 'Hey, they approved this contract and they forgot to do an environmental (study), '" said Richard Paskowitz, a resident of Yuba County who can see the landfill from his house. "Our bottom line is the environment." Adam Alberti, spokesman for Recology, disagrees. "I haven't seen the suit, but we disagree on principle," he said. "There is absolutely no ?requirement to look at the impacts of transporting goods."
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[photo via Ariel Dovas]