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Squatter's Rights in Presidio Heights

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The Examiner reports that a house left abandoned in posh Presidio Heights belongs to Nigerian government, and was used a consulate up until 1989. The neighbors have been reporting squatters and general disrepair, but only recently heard from the government that they plan to use it again in the future. Maybe this is all just the next scam following all those money transfers from dopes who believed their emails: buy a fancy house, and then get your neighbors to pay for all the upkeep. Good news for the neighbors: the Nigerian government has stationed security guards to keep people from squatting and the state department is going to meet with the Nigerian embassy to get this all sorted out. We're personally hoping it ends up on the market as we would love to see the inside of this formerly-fancy sh%&shack on Jackson.
· Presidio Heights house left vacant for decades by Nigerian government [SF Examiner]