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Chinatown: It's Never Too Early to Complain About Double-Parking

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Photo Credit: SF Planning's Flickr Photostream

Via Streetsblog, news of work being done, plans being made, and surveys being taken to solve the seemingly intractable problem of getting across Broadway- between Columbus and Stockton Streets- unbloodied and with dignity intact. And that's in the crosswalks. The Planning Commission's come up with three alternatives which basically narrow the roadway in favor of bulb-outs or widened sidewalks with trees.

One proposal eliminates curbside parking in favor of loading zones, but they seem to ignore the fact that humans will double-park any time they don't see a representative of the law. The bike-partisan commentors at Streetblog also weigh in on the trouble of getting through the tunnel- although why they can't just go over the hill remains unanswered, plus it's a different problem, not involving someone's granny being run over. But check out the proposals and take the survey.
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