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Chinatown: CCSF Campus Has Some Seriously Bad Feng Shui

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Under Construction at CCSF
[Photo Credit: from the incomparable Google Streetview, a few months ago]

A reader asks: "Since I now take the #10 bus almost every day, I pass City College's "new" Chinatown campus. Is it just my imagination, or has this been going on forever?" As a matter of fact, not forever, but yes, since 1997, and last month Andrea Koskey at the SF Examiner took a long look at the project. We hope she has the movie rights, because the project's starting to look like Polanski's "Chinatown", just with less water. There have been lawsuits, a change in location, bitter neighborhood opposition to the view-blocking original designs, casting deep shadows into Portsmouth Square and affecting the Quigong classes. And students are so noisy!

Best of all, allegations of shenanigans by now-former City College administrators who allegedly diverted construction funds to political campaigns in support of state education measures and their failure to have both plan changes and cost overruns approved by the relevant bureaucracies. Right now, the new CCSF administrators are trying to pick up the pieces, deal with a ballooning budget that's now $40M over, and arguing with architects over fees. CCSF blames the architects, but says they're on schedule to open in 2012- there are posts in our archives back to 2007.
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City College: Main Campus

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