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Cabrillo Playground Renovation Features Pirate Ship

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[Cabrillo Playground rendering via SF Rec and Park]

Isn’t it wonderful when public park planning processes can glide along smoothly? This Saturday, community members are coming together to celebrate the seemingly-uncontroversial renovation of the Cabrillo Playground. Perhaps the vitriol has been muted because no one can find it out there amongst the fog. But the more likely reason is that there’s something in the park for everyone. In addition to the requisite basketball courts and tennis (bike polo?) court, preservationists will be happy that Rec & Park is upgrading the 1930’s clubhouse (and keeping the exact same facade). There will also be age-appropriate play areas, including one with a pirate ship. Now the only limit to indulging your (child’s) pirate fantasy is your imagination. Construction is set to begin in spring 2012, with plans to reopen the playground in spring of 2013. - Michael Pearce
· Cabrillo Playground renovation event this Saturday [Richmond SF]

Cabrillo Playground

Cabrillo Playground, San Francisco, CA