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Top 5 Condo Sales So Far for 2011: San Francisco Luxury Market Going Strong

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Battered and grey San Franciscans: weary of summer’s ruthless wind and perennial fog, or exhausted by the cruel ministrations of a moody stock market, you can take comfort in real estate news that belies all things dreary. Recession be gone! SF’s high-end real estate continues to sell on the very high-end! Our condos, despite making news this year for “tanking” sales and prices, prove entirely unwilling to concede defeat to any ostensive “sagging market”—at least among multi-million dollar units. These are the top five condo sales in San Francisco so far this year (of public record). Their opulence, not to mention their selling prices, is sure to make you second guess the recession’s existence, or at least offer temporary distraction like only luxury house porn can.

1) 765 Market St., Unit 27A is a lavish 3 bedroom unit in the Four Seasons, offering postcard-ready views from every window. Billed as the “pinnacle of urban elegance,” which one would expect with this price tag, the unit came equipped with all custom designed furniture in the condo. Sale history a bit mysterious, with a recorded price of $6,000,000 on 5/10/2011. Then, apparently some minutes later that same day, the condo sold for a reported $7,200,000. Not sure who made the (rather substantial) typo where, but either way, this is the most expensive on-record condo sale so far this year.

2) Atop the very crest of Pacific Heights is 2000 Washington St #5. It's another 3-bed unit, this one spanning an entire floor of a building, designed by C. A. Muessdorffer, that looms over the city in a style Hitchcock would’ve adored (scenes from Vertigo, perhaps?). Interiors show heavy preference for fat, white furniture with accents of generic royal palace. The condo, which sold for $5,850,000, sold for one million dollars less than it listed for in 2010.

3 and 4) 338 Spear St. scored two luxury sales this year: unit 41B sold for a touch more than its nearby neighbor at $4,760,000. Unit 40B, the aforementioned neighbor, sold for $4,550,000.

5) Back to 765 Market St., SF’s 5th most expensive condo sold again from within the luxuriant walls of the Four Seasons. In Unit 32F, two bedrooms plus library(!), gleaming wood floors and gourmet kitchen fetched not quite what was asked for: The property listed for $4,700,000 in January. Yet the final price, $4,350,000, hardly qualifies for sneezing at. - Anna Marie

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