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Marina Green: Leave It as You Found It, A-Cup

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Curbed SF looks at the America's Cup DEIR and the race's impact on neighborhoods. Part of a series.

Not surprisingly, Marina Green turns out to be prime viewing for the America's Cup, and unlike it's neighbor to the west, Crissy Field, has no endangered species or Plover nesting grounds. And according to the DEIR, there are no plans for permanent changes, unlike some piers we know of. During the 2012 races, the big swath of lawn will be the site of the main America's Cup VIllage while Piers 27/29 get their makeovers. With the addition of a floating dock, the site will feature three big tents- one as big as 160x140 feet and 40 feet high- along with smaller tents for the usual suspects, food, toilets retail, and VIPs. Plus maybe a big-screen monitor or two and bleacher seating for 2000 paid spectators.
During the events, it appears that any enhanced mass transit will move along Lombard Street going west and east along Greenwich Street, and if you plan on driving, it's expected that all cars will be banned north of Lombard except for residents, members of the St. Francis and Golden Gate Yacht Clubs, and event-related vehicles. The DEIR is silent on access or parking for boat owners in the East and West Marinas who are not members of the two yacht clubs. And it looks like the entire area will be fenced. The plan shows three "entry gates" which are missing from the rendering, and there's no word on how long the Green's closure will be for construction, the races, and break-down. While the DEIR judges Marina Green to be a high-impact area, because the installations are temporary, there's no need for any mitigation. The DEIR does promise, however, that the lights will go off at 11PM.
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Images: Aecom via the San Francisco Planning Department