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Would You Like to Own a Prime Piece of Clint Eastwood's Tehama?

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In the 1960s, actor Clint Eastwood starting shelling out dough for plots of land in Carmel that eventually became a development project known as Tehama. Shoot forward to today, and fancy folks are more than willing to write a check for several million dollars so that they can snag a slice of Tehama and call it (vacation) home. Especially celebrities! They love it there. But not all is good in ultra swank Tehama. One of the area's prime lots—a 15.4-acre hilltop building site—is hitting the auction block. The property was previously listed for $3,450,000, but will be auctioned off with an opening bid of just $1,750,000. Local brokers are concerned that this will put a damper on Tehama's reputation for being a magnet to the rich. They'd prefer the seller, Gateway co-founder Norman Waitt, to wait it out and go through what they believe are the proper channels to secure a sale. Unfortunately for them that doesn't seem too likely, as the property is fit to go to auction on August 31. Do invite us over for a picnic.
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