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The Presidio: The Hidden War Against Insurgent Gophers

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For the first time in decades, the historic Parade Ground at the Presidio of San Francisco is going green. Not to worry, not all the parking spaces have gone under the sod. We asked our friend at the Presidio (our mole, so to speak) what was up with the grey surface the sod was being laid down on- it's a textile called "gopher cloth" that keeps the burrowing critters from surfacing. Apparently gophers are a problem in the Presidio, despite being the favorite fare of local coyotes and raptors, with aggressive control methods too icky to contemplate. There's currently a new irrigation system under all that green, and the plan is to hook it up to the grey-water system currently in the works. Plus we're assuming the sod is local, sustainable and organic.
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