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Duboce Park Proposed as New Historic District

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[map via Haighteration]

This week, the Planning Department held a community meeting to discuss a proposed new local historic district for the area around Duboce Park. The area is identified as historic for its "remarkably intact architectural character" of pre-1906 earthquake buildings. Planning created one of their handy interactive Google Maps with information linked to each of the buildings within the proposed district. Even though the boundaries will technically extend to surround the park, the park itself won't be included in the district because it's been altered so much, which should cause Rec & Park a huge sigh of relief. While some neighbors want the boundaries extended to include more Victorians down towards Oak & Fell streets, others have the usual concerns about the limitations that will be placed on property owners. If listed, this would only be the 12th district in the city, and the first since Dogpatch was listed in 2003.

The meeting aimed to address preservation incentives, alterations, and the permit review process for landmarked buildings. Even though the commission doesn't technically need individual owner consent, without broad support the district probably won't go forward - it doesn't look good for the commission if there are bunch of owners protesting the district once it gets the Board of Supervisors. Planning will continue community meetings throughout the summer, with the next one, adorably titled "Ask a Planner Night”, at Duboce Park Cafe on August 30 at 6pm. - Alex Bevk
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