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Hacked to Pieces at the Comstock

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Was: $1,795,000
Then: $1,695,000
Then: $1,595,000
Then: $1,545,000
Now: $1,445,000
You Save: $350,000 We know folks move in and out of The Comstock regularly, so we're surprised to find a unit that's been on the market for 536 days. It's a 1-bed, 2-bath unit on the ninth floor, and its price has been hacked down to $1,445,000. Let's compare it to a similar unit in the building that's currently on the open market. Just down the hall is unit #901, which is a 1-bed, 2-bath apartment that's asking $1,199,000. It's been on the market 51 days. To be frank, #901 seems more in tune with the aesthetics of the overall building. It's got a Mid-Century Modern feel going on and it has better overhead lighting. However, it has eastern and southern views, so you're not getting as great of a view as the other unit, which has views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Twin Peaks. Back to #907, the PriceChopper. It's been dramatically remodeled, which may actually be preventing it from finding a buyer. It almost seems too specific of a style. What say you, dear readers? Is this abode asking too much?
· 1333 Jones, #907 [Redfin]
· 1333 Jones, #901 [Redfin]

The Comstock

1333 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94109