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Turning Water into Wine in Napa

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1788 Milton Road in Napa reminds us that, yes, San Francisco prices are a bit high. Because in this house, snug on Napa County's Edgerly Island, you get four bedrooms, two bathrooms and over 1,700 square feet of never-lived in newness, all for $249,000 (down from $499,000). You also get a deck and a fireplace for sipping your Cabernet Sauvignon. The listing promises quite the hyperbolic assortment of additional treasure: "Wall of windows invite breath taking views. New windows, maple, granite, Jerusalem limestone, jetted tub, magical walk in shower" (specific type of "magic" undisclosed). But come on. Weekend escape or complete and utter lifestyle change: Even the most jaded urbanite might find magic in a front yard made of water. - Anna Marie
· 1788 Milton, Napa [Redfin]