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That's a Wrap: 601 Dolores Officially Sells

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That's a wrap! The sale of 601 Dolores, aka Castle on the Park, has officially closed. As we first reported in early May, Children's Day School is the proud new owner of the property. The school shelled out $6,600,000 for the property, and will use it as a second campus. According to Children's Day School, the building will house nine classrooms, as well as a community gathering and performance space that they intend to share with community and neighborhood groups. Because the school already has a large parking lot and drive-through driveway at 333 Dolores, they are confident that they can minimize their parking and traffic impact at 19th and Dolores Streets. [Curbed Inbox]
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Children's Day School

601 Dolores st, San Francisco, CA

Children's Day School

601 Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA