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The Presidio: Get Out Your Smart Phone and Take a Geek-Hike With Ranger Rick

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As part of their programs for kids, the Presidio Trust and the National Wildlife Federation are sponsoring three geocache hikes via the Presidio's existing trail system. While it's intended as a parent-and-kid activity, it also sounds like a perfect opportunity for adults to test a basic iteration of what can be a challenging sport- without the usual quicksand and ravines promised by more advanced geocache games. There's a downloadable map for Mom/Dad if things get out of hand, and we're assuming the prizes get replenished on a regular basis.

The GPS Coordinates for three hidden stamp boxes in the southwest corner of the Presidio are:

N 37° 47.255 W 122° 28.732 Lobos Dunes Boardwalk Bounty
N 37° 47.387 W 122° 28.443 Dunes & Hospital Cemetery Vista
N 37° 47.299 W 122° 28.229 Mountain Lake Mystery

As for Ranger Rick's creepy raccoon, blame the National Wildlife Federation, not the Presidio Trust. Take a look back at the Presidio and Curbed SF's Outdoor Week 2011. It's not just about arguing over museums and hotels.
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The Presidio Trust

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