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Candlestick-Adjacent: New Zoning Comes to Those Who Wait

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It's been a few weeks, but last month the Board of Supervisors approved the new general plan for the currently non-existent waterfront neighborhood Executive Park. Mayor Lee signed the legislation on August 5 and we've got renderporn from Heller Manus in the gallery. In the works since the 1970s, when developer George Yerby took over part of the failed waterfront office park, the new zoning will permit about 1600 condos and rental units for various income levels- 500 by Yerby, designed by Heller Manus, and some 1100 by developer Universal Paragon, which we assume are in the works. Between Little Hollywood and 101 and Candlestick Park, the new project moves San Francisco's population a little farther south. The renderings are generic, with the usual assortment of children, skin tones and possibly-gay couples on their first date. Plus we'd love to know what's planned for the waterfront. Kudos to all, especially since the project is now officially older than most of our readers.
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Candlestick Park

490 Jamestown Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124