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Chop After Chop, 1636 Diamond Just Can't Catch a Buyer

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Was: $2,590,000
Then: $2,460,000
And Then: $2,229,000
Now: $1,990,000
You Save: $600,000

1636 Diamond in Noe Valley just can't catch a break. First listed in September of last year for $2,590,000, it's taken chop after chop and no one will make it an offer. To recap: it's a newly constructed contemporary mega house that boosts four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It's also 3,652-square-feet. While we originally thought the home's finishes and style would make it difficult to find a buyer, the comments suggested that it might be the location. Regardless, this home really wants a buyer. What'll it take, readers? Is this the perfect price or should we expect another chop?
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1636 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA