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SOMA: Iconic 90s Modernism Sacrificed for Transbay Terminal

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The image just hit our mailbox from a friend of Curbed SF- Jim Jennings' 1998 project, 85 Natoma is biting the dust today to make room for the Transbay Transit Center. The steel-and-glass residential building attracted a lot attention, built in a neighborhood that still retained a whiff of Skid Row, and with its machined, turbine-like aesthetic. Later, it was better known as the home of Baron Davis during his tenure with the Golden State Warriors. Modernists weep. Basketball fans have other things to lament. On the other hand, it's in the park end of the Transbay that Snøhetta plans to link to with the SFMOMS expansion. Trees, anyone?
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Transbay Transit Center

85 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA