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Oakland: Jetliner Views Come with Their Own Terminal

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Was: $1,650,000
Now: $1,550,000
You Save: $100,000

If your tastes run to shabby chic, this flying wedge of stucco may not be the place for you. The 4-bed, 3.5-bath mash-up of Frank Gehry (front) and airline terminal (back) was built in 2004 and purchased by the current owners in 2005 for $1,835,000. It's been on the market since April, there having been a previous attempt to sell it in 2008. If your tastes run to this kind of corporate modernism, it's a steal. We're loving the spiral staircase with its homage to Isamu Noguchi and the aggressive stucco front- on a block of otherwise conventional lot-filling houses. Check out the gallery for more images.
· 6343 Skyline Drive, Oakland [Redfin]
· Noguchi Museum [Noguchi Museum]