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Fanciful St. Regis Penthouse Now Bank-Owned and Half Off

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The Museum Tower Penthouse, known to most as "the St. Regis Penthouse that once was asking $70 million goddamn dollars," is now bank-owned and totally affordable. Just kidding! But it is the cheapest its ever been at $35 million. As the Wall Street Journal points out, this is "likely the most expensive bank-owned, single-family residential real estate listing in the country." The 6-bed, 6-full bath, 4-half bath penthouse that clocks in somewhere in the 20,000 square foot range is actually built from three separate penthouses over two floors, combined by real estate mogul Victor MacFarlane. No one has ever lived in it. The mega condo is currently in the process of being staged, and will hopefully be shown to potential buyers sometime in September.
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St. Regis Residences

188 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA