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Periwinkled Out On Potrero Hill

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Let's get the obvious out of the way: yes, you'll need to rip out the periwinkle carpet that's in nearly all of the rooms (including the dining room!) as soon as your check clears for this abode. No idea what's under the current carpet, but we can be optimistic and assume it's gorgeous hardwood flooring with intricate inlays. If not, there's always replacing the periwinkle carpet with less offensive carpet. Either way, this can be an inexpensive and quick fix. This 1,440-square-foot Potrero Hill home is on the coveted north slope. On the main level there's three bedrooms and a bathroom, and the lower level houses an unwarranted inlaw apartment. Asking price? $799,000, or $555 a square foot. Potrero Hill's average price per square foot for residences is $828, so there's that to consider. Aside from the current carpet, we think this place has good bones. What do you think, dear readers? Will this Potrero Hill pad get asking? Or should we expect a chop?
· 380 Connecticut [Redfin]