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$2,395,000 For Two Bedrooms at The Comstock

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Ah, The Comstock. A residential tower on top of Nob Hill that we've been borderline obsessed with this month. Today we found a 2-bed, 2-bath unit on the 11th floor has hit the market recently, and this particular unit has "one of the largest floor plans at The Comstock." No word on how large, as square footage is unlisted. Asking price? $2,395,000. When you look through the above gallery, try to focus on the views and not the furniture, as all those big and beige sofas will be up and outta there when the current owner sells their digs and moves out. The last time this apartment changed hands was back in 2003 when it sold for $1,170,000. Monthly HOA dues are $1,500.95 and there's 2-car parking in the garage.
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The Comstock

1333 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94109