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SoMa Grand Residents to Feds: Clean Up Your Act

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[photo via Sally Kuchar]

Turns out living near 7th and Mission can be a little gritty, as SoMa Grand residents are finding out. They share a courtyard with the Federal Building, and when workers leave for the night, residents say that no-gooders turn the courtyard into a drinking, drugging, and urinating free-for-all. This is, of course, the story we hear a lot with the mid-Market area. But when an entity (government or corporation) actually uses a building instead of leaving it vacant, it becomes their responsibility to keep the area clean, lest it reflect poorly against them. Who would SoMa Grand residents complain to if they shared the courtyard with just another boarded up storefront? The Feds have actually committed to station night guards and perform regular cleaning. We wonder if we will see this happen in the rest of Mid-Market during the "revitalization."
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