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Gem of a House Designed By San Francisco Favorite Willis Polk

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Before we get into the "oohs" and "aahs" of this place, we first need to decide which neighborhood it's in. According to the MLS, it's "Downtown." But it's a safe bet to assume most San Francisco dwellers (aside from realtors) would never suggest that 843 Mason between Pine and California is Downtown. Is it the Tendernob? Many believe (Ed. note: like me) that the Tendernob stops at Pine and Nob Hill starts at California. (The MLS says that Nob Hill starts at California and ends at Broadway, with eastern and western borders of Stockton and Van Ness). So where does that leave 843 Mason? One might suggest that this is Nob Hill territory, as it's a mere house away from the alley Nob Hill Place and half a block from Huntington Park. But whatever, let's squabble amongst ourselves in the comments about which neighborhood this abode belongs to. It's a single-family home. That's right. And it's approximately 4,360-square-feet of living space on four levels. There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Asking price? $2,595,000. This is a classic (and classy) San Francisco jewel. It was designed in 1917 by renowned architect Willis Polk, who designed San Francisco staples such as the Pacific Union Club, the Palace of Fine Arts, the reconstruction of Mission Dolores and the Hallidie Building.

Property highlights: the master suite takes up the entire top level and has access to a large and private roof deck; the entry level has the guest suite, so you don't have to worry about bumping elbows when you and your guests are both trying to brush your teeth in the morning and the home is located directly across the street from the Mark Hopkins Hotel, so there's that. Property lowlights include no garage and no word on leased parking nearby.
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