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New Murals Proposed For Bernal Heights Library

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By way of Bernalwood, we learn that the mockups of the proposed mural design for the Bernal Heights Branch of the San Francisco Public Library on Cortland have been released. Bernal Heights residents are (PDF warning) angry! And happy! And also confused. Some argue that the current mural that's in place (it was painted in 1982) is just fine, thank you very much. Others think any mural idea should just be scratched all together-- the building's beautiful enough, why paint on it? But some do believe that the proposed murals are quite lovely and would be a nice addition to the facade of the library. What say you, dear readers? Whoever comes up with the best mustache joke (see Bernal Heights Library (Cortland Facade) rendering) gets a prize*
· Say Hello to the Proposed Design for the Bernal Library Mural [Bernalwood]
· Bernal Library Art Project [website]
*there is no prize.

Bernal Heights Branch Library

500 Cortland Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110