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Famous People and Their San Francisco Digs

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NBC Bay Area has put together a gallery of famous homes in San Francisco. You've got the usual crew: The "Full House" house located at 1709 Broderick, Danielle Steel's place in Pacific Heights and Robin Williams home in Sea Cliff. Less expected abodes: the once Hell's Angels headquarters at 719 Ashbury, which was just a few doors down from the Grateful Dead House at 710 Ashbury. The Dead lived at that address from 1966 to 1968. Other Haight Ashbury highlights include Janis Joplin's old apartment, the house where convicted killer Charles Manson lived during the Summer of Love in 1967, and a flat where Hunter S. Thompson lived while he was writing about the Hell's Angels.
· Famous Homes in San Francisco [NBC Bay Area]
[photo via Ramón Burgos-Ruíz]