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Hunter's Point: Albion Castle Keeps Coming Back From the Dead

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Was $2,950,000
Now $1,100,000
You Save $1,850,000

What a deal for vampires- Albion Castle just popped out of its coffin again, as a "New Listing" for almost $2,000,000 less than it was offered for in September 2009. The lugubrious 4-bed, 2-bath repeat-Pricechopper looks staged by serial killers, making the stone-and-stucco building, once the site of the Albion Brewery and a source for the Mountain Spring Water Company, even more sinister. At least the gothic commode is still (image 6 in the gallery) there. No pool, but extensive underground reservoirs, and very close to India Basin, plus probably the near the site of an Ohlone settlement for those archaeology hobbyists. Now at a price that almost makes sense, especially since it includes water rights, although the listing is silent on what you would do with said rights. Do we make craft ales or run very far?
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