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Sidewalks Out of Control

?a rare opportunity to revisit things that were originally discussed in 2005/2006 before many Rincon Hill residents lived here? Yes, things move slowly in San Francisco. Five years later there's a meeting to review changes in the Rincon Hill Streetscape Master Plan. On July 19, 2011, the SF Planning Department's Joshua Switzky and Paul Chasen will review the plan with neighborhood residents. Someday it may be approved and adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Most critical- some would say a life/death issue- is the extensive use of bulb-outs to permit pedestrians to safely cross Harrison Street. Interested? Show up at Eucharist Commons (285 Main Street @Folsom) at 6:00PM. Which may or may not be a new bar. [Rincon Hill SF, and previously at Curbed SF]