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Portola Home Seeks Plant Enthusiast

Was: $595,000
Then: $569,000
Now: $559,000
You Save: $36,000 Sitting on the market for a few months, we first told you about 361 Sweeny back in April. We weren't so much interested in the interiors of the recently remodeled 2-bed, 1-bath Portola abode. It's the backyard retaining walls that grabbed our attention. Like we said in our original post, we get that retaining walls are often the most effective way to deal with a sloped lot, but still! These look so intense without any foliage planted. Perhaps that's why potential buyers are hesitant to make this home an offer? It's taken two chops with a total deduction of $36,000. What do you think, dear readers? Will this final chop make an urban gardener happy enough to make an offer? Or should we make room for this pad in our Under 500K Club?
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