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Top Notch Russian Hill Co-op Hacks Off Over $500,000

Was: $1,750,000
Then: $1,525,000
Then: $1,475,000
Then: $1,375,000
Then: $1,295,000
Now: $1,195,000
You Save: $555,000

The last time we wrote about unit #1 at 2240 Hyde on Russian Hill was back in November of 2010, when it plopped on the market with a price tag of $1,750,000. The 2-bed, 2-bath, ground floor co-op is a nice piece of real estate tail, as it's across the street from George Sterling Park and a half block from "the world's crookedest street!" The apartment comes with monthly HOA dues of $1,100, a strict "no pets" policy, and yes, you'd need board approval before you could write a check and move in. Perhaps that's why this beauty's been languishing on the market? 233 days, folks. What'll it take to find a buyer? What's worse: the current owners bought it in 2004 for $1,515,000. Ouch.
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2240 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA