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Sidewalks Out of Control

It became very clear that there's not a lot of clarity in how the city manages its sidewalks and what it puts on its sidewalks. Supervisor Scott Weiner says a lack of guidance is part of the AT&T Ugly Box Problem. The Supes vote next week on whether the big, buzzing installation- which AT&T says is necessary to compete with Comcast on cable and digital services- needs an EIR. Maybe they'll vote. It's not like they haven't postponed it before. Meanwhile, AT&T says they're looking to make the boxes less obtrusive to mitigate the need for an EIR. The roll-out currently stands at 726 boxes, plus up to 900 existing boxes to be enlarged. all of which will emit a hum no louder than an electric toothbrush 24/7. [SF Gate and previously on Curbed SF]