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Alleged Apartment Deposit Scammer Is On the Run

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Sad news for the victims of alleged apartment deposit scammer Rachel Marie Smith: she's apparently skipped town. To recap, Smith accepted deposits ranging from $5,1000 to $5,600 for an Inner Richmond apartment that she advertised on Craigslist. She'd then postpone the move-in date, and her victims wouldn't hear from her again. Smith has allegedly scammed at least eighteen potential renters out of a total of at least $110,000.

Smith was eventually charged with eights counts each of grand theft and obtaining money under false pretenses. Smith was supposed to strike a plea deal back in June that included restitution to some of her victims, but she never showed up to court. Since then, she's been given ample opportunities to appear before a judge, but has never shown up. Smith was given one last chance to show her face in court on July 8, and as expected, she didn't.

"She'd have to be crazy to be hanging out here in the Bay Area," said one of her victims, who wished to remain anonymous. "For everything else she may be, she's certainly smart."
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