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Huge Presidio Heights House Built for a Brady Bunch

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Looking for a place to take flying leaps into your piles of money? Well then, lucky you, that this 7-bed, 6.5 bath house in Presidio Heights is on the market! It's asking $8,500,000 for 7,400 square feet, which should leave you plenty of room for whatever type of calisthenics you prefer. We do like a lot about this house -- we can get behind any house painted yellow -- but somehow even with the massive square footage things are looking a little cramped. This observation will clearly change once you write a check and the stager comes and removes their inventory. Most of the bedrooms were staged with twin beds, which gives us dorm room flashbacks, and the backyard has been taken up with gravel and a basketball court. On the plus side: a wine cellar big enough to live in, an awesome open kitchen for hanging out in, and a location that really can't be beat. There are even au pair quarters for those with live-in help. What do you think, dear readers? Will this family-friendly abode get snatched up by a billionaire with a large brood?
· 3865 Clay Street [Redfin]