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[Image Credits: Madrone by Bosa]

In it for the long haul, Vancouver condominium developer Bosa put up the Radiance at Mission Bay. Now construction has begun for the Madrone by Bosa- previously known as Radiance West- on footings put in place in 2007 when the Radiance went up. Someone at Bosa must have done their homework, because this same market has tripped up much bigger operations, and they scrapped the original Radiance West name in favor of an entirely new branding effort. This week, the website for the Madrone went live and the sales office (run by The Mark Company) is open and making appointments for previews. It's been a while since anyone tried to sell a project from floor plans, but they're giving it another try. And to their credit, they're pretty great floor plans- with over a hundred-and-fifty different layouts- for hours of floor plan porn at the website.

Prices for the condominiums will start somewhere north of $500,000. At street-level there are one-bedrooms with patios and a few townhouse-style duplexes with access from the building as well as private entries though a patio. Up on the sixth floor, there are roof-deck duplexes- above the main living space spaces, a second-level room with a half-bath opens to a big terrace. And in the two towers, large units like the one below.The website is silent on "affordable housing" so we're going to assume there's none and the developer's paying an offset fee, but if anyone has details on that, please let us know in the comments.

Location wise, many people think there's not much of a neighborhood in Mission Bay- not enough street life- but give it time. There are arguments that such amenity-rich buildings don't contribute to street life. On the other hand, it's really nice to have a gym and pool in your building, and Madrone is following a strong trend for successful condominium projects. Besides, not everyone wants to live in 19th Century wood-frame housing. Predictably, if you want to have your own realtor handle the bare-knuckle negotiations, they'll have to accompany you to the first preview.
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Third Street & Mission Bay Boulevard South, San Francisco, CA