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The Results Are In!

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SF Gate brings word that the "first batch of data is in and analyzed" for San Francisco's SFpark program, which allows parking meter rates to fluctuate depending on their demand. Some parking meters will charge as little as $2 an hour, others will rise to $3.75 an hour. The prices will fluctuate by the block, time of day and day of week. The cost to park will be higher on blocks during busy hours when parking is scarce and lower when parking is plentiful. The SFMTA is tracking demand with sensors that are embedded i the asphalt. "SFpark is testing how small changes in parking prices can result in reduced circling and double-parking clearing the roads to reduce congestion and make Muni more reliable," said Debra Johnson, who heads the city's transportation agency. The pilot program is under way in Fisherman's Wharf, the Marina, Civic Center, Hayes Valley, the FiDi, SoMa, the Mission and the Fillmore.
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[Photo via Glenn Caley Bachmann]