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Maps! Charts! Aerial Views! the A-Cup Draft EIR

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Click image to enlarge in a new window [Credit: SFPC]

It's here: the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the 34th Americas's Cup Race. We've only glanced at Volume 1 and Volume 2. Because they're immense. But seriously worth the download, with all sorts of previously-unknown bits and bobs like what will happen on Marina Green (thick with VIP tents) Fort Mason (Communications) and the future cruise terminal. The usual suspects- spectators, transit, porta-potties and parking, are included. Public comments accepted until August 25th, so cruise on through and decide if you love it or hate it. Or if you just want to weigh in on the location of the porta-potties on your block. And seriously, let your Supervisor know. They're the ones who will be voting.
· The 34th America's Cup Races and James Herman Cruise Terminal and Northeast Wharf Project [SFPD]