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Tendernob Studio Gets Cutesy

Rents go up during the warmer months, it's a fact. Which means we're probably not leaving our rent-controlled apartment any time soon. But what about transplants looking for their first San Francisco apartment? Or the socially-awkward souls who just can't do the five-roommate-Mission-flat thing anymore? This post is for them! We've scoured the craigslist, and this is what we've come up with. This week we're bringing you five apartments decent enough live in for under $1,750. We'll be posting one per day. Hooray!

Today we bring you another studio apartment, this time in the Tendernob at Sutter and Leavenworth. It goes for $1,350 per month, and has hardwood floors and a nicely remodeled kitchen. Laundry is on site, and you'll even be able to take the elevator, which certainly beats hauling dirty knickers up the hill. The location is pretty wonderful - close to public transport and some fun nightlife - not to mention that out-of-towners will understand when you tell them that you live in Nob Hill (we'll let you fudge on this one, just this once).
· Charming Studio w/ Modern Kitchen. Available Now! [craigslist]