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Take a Peek At What the 49ers Would Like Their New Stadium To Look Like

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The 49ers released renderings of what it'd like its new stadium to look like. The firm behind the design is HNTB, and some of their architects got to travel around the country to "review" NFL and MLB stadiums, NASCAR tracks, NHL and NBA arenas, and even international soccer stadiums. Perks of the job, right? From the 49ers:
The first level of the stadium will feature open pedestrian plazas, commercial community space, a team store, a 49ers Hall of Fame, and vibrant signage. The stadium's overall open design allows for tremendous views out to the surround areas and in toward the action on the field.

The new stadium will also have green features like photovoltaic panels, a living roof, public transit access, bicycle parking, water-conserving plumbing fixtures and recycled materials.
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