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Steve Jobs Wants New Digs For Apple

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Via Techcrunch, video of a frail and earnest Steve Jobs making a presentation last night before the Cupertino City Council, laying out plans for a new headquarters in what's currently parking lots and old apricot orchard. The parking goes into multistory underground garages, but the people go into a visible-from-space structure- 12,000 of them in a vast, doughnut-shaped structure. Steve talks about taxes and his fleet of bio-fuel buses that carry worked from San Francisco. And it quickly becomes clear why he's Steve Jobs and the rest of us are mere mortals. Occupancy scheduled for 2015, and with employees currently scattered about in Cupertino, the new building will put most of its them in one place. No use of the word "architect".
· Jobs to Cupertino: We Want a Spaceship-Shaped 12K Capacity Building as Our Apple Campus [Techcrunch]