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Fetching NoPa Studio Perfect for Garden-Gazer

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Rents go up during the warmer months, it's a fact. Which means we're probably not leaving our rent-controlled apartment any time soon. But what about transplants looking for their first San Francisco apartment? Or the socially-awkward souls who just can't do the five-roommate-Mission-flat thing anymore? This post is for them! We've scoured the craigslist, and this is what we've come up with. This week we're bringing you five apartments decent enough live in for under $1,750. We'll be posting one per day. Hooray!

This studio apartment North of the Panhandle caught our eye with it's lovely bay windows overlooking a garden and shiny hardwood floors. It's $1,395 per month, which, sadly, seems like a steal after looking through loads of listings for $1,700 for pint-sized places with weird carpet. You're a few blocks off Divisadero, meaning there are plenty of food and booze options, and you've got Alamo Square and the Panhandle close by for outdoor needs. Pets are negotiable, so shine up your helper turkey or companion alligator and ask nicely. The only drawback is that it's on the middle floor, so you're bound to get noise from above and complaints from below. Such is apartment life. We think the shared back yard is just perfect for a garden party, so please let us know when we can bring over bubbly for your new place.