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Monterey Heights Fixer-Upper Gets $51,000 Above Asking

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The 3-bed, 2.5-bath Monterey Heights Mediterranean home above was recently listed for $599,000. To call it a fixer-upper would be an understatement. When we first wrote about it in May, we asked you if $599,000 for a house in such disarray was too high a price. Commenters all agreed that its bones were good and they hoped "someone would save this beauty." Everyone also agreed that pretty much everything needed to be fixed- meaning whoever buys it would have to sink in hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it livable. Drum roll please... It sold. And for $51,000 above asking. Yesterday it sold for $650,000. We absolutely cannot wait to see what's in store for this aging beauty. Congrats to the lucky buyer!
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