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Just In: Birds Gotta Sing, Trees Gonna Grow, Denials Gotta Fly

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Before we too got far along in our day, we wanted to make sure that a rumor planted on a local real estate site didn't go any further- the terms of settlement between Larry Ellison and his downhill neighbors remain confidential. According to the neighbor's spokesperson Sam Singer:

The story on Socketsite is wholly false and incorrect, according to a conversation I just had with the family. Socketsite’s “plugged in” source must be plugged into a bottle of Johnnie Walker. The alleged source clearly has no actual knowledge of the settlement or its details.So $2M bucks to trim and a right of first refusal on their house? Nope. Can we all just move along? Nothing to see here, folks. Until the next round of denials. [Update: via email, Mr. Ellison's office declined to comment.]
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