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Western Addition Apartment Allows Cats and Dogs, Renters Rejoice

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Rents go up during the warmer months, it's a fact. Which means we're probably not leaving our rent-controlled apartment any time soon. But what about transplants looking for their first San Francisco apartment? Or the socially-awkward souls who just can't do the five-roommate-Mission-flat thing anymore? This post is for them! We've scoured the craigslist, and this is what we've come up with. This week we're bringing you five apartments decent enough live in for under $1,750. We'll be posting one per day. Hooray!

Today we bring you a modern one-bedroom for $1,595. What's the catch, you ask? Well the listing does implore you to "PLEASE DRIVE THE PROPERTY FIRST TO SEE IF THE NEIGHBORHOOD IS FOR YOU!!" so maybe the agent thinks the neighborhood is not quite for everyone. Situated in the heart of Western Addition (or as a potential beau once said, "Lower Japantown"), you've got quite a few amenities nearby: Safeway for groceries, Fillmore Auditorium for shows, the police station for, well... other stuff. The unit itself looks narrow, but does have an open kitchen into a living area, with a separate bedroom at the front of the building. Dogs and cats are welcome, and there are quite a few parks nearby for doggy business. As far as transit goes, the 31-Balboa picks up on the corner and will take you to downtown, and the 22-Fillmore, a few blocks away, will take you basically everywhere else.
· $1595 / 1br - Clean & Modern One Bedroom!! [craigslist]