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Russian Hill: A Little Closer to Heaven, $4.95M

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We about jumped out of our skin when this popped up this morning. 1050 Green Street is a building we've been curious about for years- an austere, francophone building set back on the lot behind a well-hedged garden, the kind of reticent multi-family structure you'd see in the side streets and courtyards of Paris' 7th Arrondissement. It's a four-unit condominium- #4 is the 2-bed 2-bath top-floor unit asking $4,975,000 and about as grand and spacious as we'd expect, with rooms radiating off a sky-lit foyer. Also Parisian-style, there's a bedroom and bath in the attic just above, presumably for the maid. Or valet, depending on how you roll.

We were relieved to see the kitchen not only has a decent work triangle, it also has a big service area- probably once a butler's pantry- where someone could theoretically plate a dinner for twelve. Garage access though Macondary Lane, which dead-ends just behind the building. On one of those simultaneously woodsy yet urban blocks that epitomizes Russian Hill- near everything from the graves of Russian sailors to big mid-century towers with Mrs. Madrigal and the Swedeborgians somewhere in between. Maintenance is $5,550 per quarter. Click on the gallery above while we check under the sofa cushions.
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